The main focus of Constantine Quilts is on machine quilting.

Whether it is on a domestic machine, short-arm or long-arm set-up, the business caters to these needs.

Being the largest supplier of Templates and rulers for commercial machine quilting machines in Australia adds to the exceptional variety of stock that Constantine Quilts has on offer.

We are also the dealer for A1 Quilting machines and the Intelliquilter computerised system that can be retrofit onto most Longarm quilting machines today.

Constantine Quilts is an international award-winning quilter that specialises in custom work. Visit our quilt gallery to view the type of quilting we can offer you. To have your own quilt machine quilted by Tracey, visit our Machine quilting service page to view styles, pricing and hints & tips for getting the best results.

The biggest advantage of being an online shop is that it is accessible to anyone and everyone, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is great for people who can’t get to South Australia to purchase the specialised products Constantine Quilts has on offer or for those who work long hours.


Announcing the next Australian Machine Quilting Festival

1st-6th October 2014

visit the website to sign up for all the latest news & to hear all about the amazing line-up we will have for next time!

The Australian Machine Quilting Festival is dedicated to providing inspiration, education and encouragement to all machine quilters that own a longarm, midarm and/or a domestic sewing machine.

Come & join us in our new venture to grow & learn about machine quilting!

Member of AMQA Inc (Australian Machine Quilting Association)


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